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Donate to the ISS

The second summer of the Institute of Sound + Style was a wonderful success! Your donations will help to keep our programs going.

Pease send your check to:

  • Syracuse Model Neighborhood Facility, Inc.
  • c/o Carrie Mae Weems
  • 5173 Skyline Dr.
  • Syracuse, NY 13215

About ISS

Are you interested in music and fashion? Ever wonder how Calvin became Snoop Dogg, how Scott became Kid Cudi, how Robyn became Rihanna, or how a record is made, produced, written, and engineered? Do you want to be an illustrator, merchandiser, fashion photographer, or designer?

If you’re tired of the streets, and the same ol' same ol', if you’re looking around saying to yourself you want something more than sitting and waiting for something to happen, then maybe Institute of Sound + Style is for you.

Each summer for our progrm we accept highly motivated students, between the ages of 15 and 21, with a passion, skill, and appreciation for the arts. Each participant receives a small weekly stipend and will learn about the many career options within the fields of music and fashion — from album covers to videos to fashion design and everything in between. Why not get paid to do something that you love?

For more information, send us an e-mail.

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