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These dogs are rarer than their tan and black saddle siblings (i.e. Photo by @floydthedeutsche (ig) the blue german shepherd is one of the standard coat colors of the german shepherd breed.

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A blue shepherd puppy's eyes will usually change to amber, light brown or gold by the.


Blue grey german shepherd puppy. Blue german shepherd puppies can cost $1,200 to $1,500 while standard. Blue gsd are a naturally occurring color within the gsd gene pool. Blue is not a recognized color by the breed.

8 week old german shepherd puppies (dob 10/18/21). They are distinctive as their coats are a blue/gray color and they also have blue eyes. There are actually three variations of a blue german shepherd dog as they come in blue and tan, blue and sable, or blue and black.

While these dogs are rarely seen at conformation shows, they are popular as pets due to their rare coloring. Tan or red can be replaced by liver, white, cream, or silver, whereas black can be replaced by blue, or gray. A significant appearance difference of the blue german shepherd is their gray nose in place of a black one.

A gsd that has blue eyes because of the recessive gene are purebred. When adding a new dog to your life, you may prefer adopting over shopping. Washed out colors, including blues and livers, are considered a serious fault.

German shepherds puppies’ eyes will change color at around three to four weeks old. What color should a german shepherds eyes be? It’s also free to list your available puppies and litters on our site.

Find blue and gray german shepherd puppiess from a breeder near you. The blue fur of this dog is commonly viewed as a serious fault as it is not recognized by the official breed standard. A dog must be completely black to be registered as a solid black german shepherd.

This is a serious fault. Crate trained and daily time outside for bathroom…. Breeding blue german shepherd puppies requires both parents carry this recessive gene.

Noticeable differences can be seen on the foot pads, nose and eye color. Yes, blue eyed german shepherds can be purebred. However, because blue eyes aren’t normal to the breed, a gsd with blue eyes can also be a sign that the dog is mixed with another bred and thus not a purebred german shepherd.

Finding a blue breed is extremely rare, as they are not bred for working or show lines, and are a fashion choice only. This may be why silver grey german shepherd dogs are less common. The puppies born of a blue gsd

4 females and one male available. As puppies, blue shepherds are easy to spot. A blue german shepherd is simply one color variation of the german shepherd dog breed.

The color is listed on the registration certificate as the gsd club within akc recognize that this is a color that is carried by many gsd and should be acknowledged as it’s genetic coloration. Their pigmentation will show up as a cool steel gray rather than the generic black. They are named for their origin in palm bay, florida and the blue german shepherd dogs, one of the breeds in their ancestry.

Adopting a blue german shepherd. Depending on the intensity of dilution, they may appear to be steel blue, powder blue, or dark gray when under the sun. There are actually three variations of a blue german shepherd dog as they come in blue and tan, blue and sable, or blue and black.

The blue bay shepherd is a breed currently in development to produce dogs that are lupine in appearance. However, they can also not be purebred. The blue gsd has the same health tendencies as the normal black and tan variants, and their lifespan is 7 to 10 years.

Over the next 2 weeks, their eyes will gradually change color, usually to brown. German shepherd colors are usually black and red and black and tan. The “blue” coat color is actually not blue, but more of a dark grey color.

Health characteristics of a blue german shepherd dog. They are often solid blue, with a little white on the chest. We have done some research on the web and found that, blue german shepherd dogs are distinctive as their coats are a blue/gray color and they also have blue eyes.

Strong, rich colors are generally preferred. The color of a german shepherd dog is determined by genetics. It’s almost impossible to get a blue german shepherd puppy without intentionally breeding for it.

Unlike the traditional german shepherd coat pattern of beige and brown, the blue variation has a dark blue or grey color to their coat. They are born a silver/grey, which soon turns to a bluish gray. As puppies, their eye color may be blue or green.

The white coat color is undesirable within the official description, and leads to disqualification from the show ring. The german shepherd is a great choice for all active dog owners, including families, singles and couples. Therefore, many breeders will not choose to breed blue variation puppies.

Unlike other breeds, such as the french bulldog, the colour blue is not indicative of health issues or problematic personality traits.

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