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However, you’ll only earn money based on reading time when a subscribing member reads your story, or when a. To average it out, that means i’m getting paid about $3.4k per month to write on medium.

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Before we begin though, you should know that only 9% of writers on medium make more than $100 usd a month.


How much do writers make on medium. Now let’s focus on the most general professions in content writing and how much writers earn in this profession as their content writing salaries. So far this year, i’ve made about $40,000 working from home. 100% of writers enrolled in the medium partner program earned money.

We’ll call these two groups 100kers and emerging authors. Taking into account a standard payment processing fee of 2.9%+$0.30, a creator will earn 50% or $2.27/month per membership on a recurring basis as long. Optimizing content according to a search engine so that the article ranks better on search engines like google is all that an seo writer has to do.

The most earned by a writer that month was $22,639.47, and the most earned for a single story that month was $6,720.35. 66.7% of such writers earned more than $100 and 16.7% earned more than $1,000. Eventually, the company plans to “start covering our own costs,” but it’s not taking a.

But back in 2001, the national writers union published a report on pay rates for freelance writers. That is the reason why only 7% of the thousands of writers make the $100 club (those writers who earn $100 and above). For unlimited stories, readers can upgrade to membership for $5/month.

This year, we compared authors making over $100,000 in a single year vs. Lower earning authors to tease out the differences. It’s not a ton of money, but i also don’t put in a ton of effort.

How much do writers make on medium. On average, writers were paid $0.055 per word published. And i started making money from it.

Authors who earn less than $500 / month from book sales. Most writers who publish at least one story on medium per month generate some money. I started writing, and people read it.

Nearly 8% of active writers earned over $100 in july 2019, medium reported. Yes, you can make money writing on medium. Sometimes casino dealers don’t split tokes evenly.

The average medium partner program earnings for bloggers who post at least one locked story tend to always float near $50 per month. The average amount earned for the month was $77.04. For now, medium is dividing between writers the entirety of subscribers’ $5 per month fee.

In the three years since, i’ve made over $70k writing on medium in the last three years. Payments to medium members are not instantaneous. This constituted 70% of writers overall.

100% of writers enrolled in the medium partner program earned money. If we all got to equally share all of the money earned by all of the writers in a year, ‘writers and authors’ would make $61,820. Medium staff releases official updates every month here.

My online course (60%) the medium partner program (20%) facebook ad revenue (10%) facebook supporters (1%) youtube ad revenue (3%) sponsored videos (6%) in another post, i detail how i actually make money via these channels. I’ve been writing on medium for the last year and a half passively and i typically take home between $50 and $100. $40k of that sum is from the last 12 months alone!

Last year we looked at authors earning over $5,000 per month vs. How much can you realistically make on medium? However, the amount earned writing for medium can vary widely (the top writer in september made a staggering $49,581.31).

They are paid out once per month when payment is made for. And, instead of waiting weeks to maybe sell a 500 word story for a reader’s copy and cup of coffee, medium allows you to keep making money. For reference, i make money online from six different places.

But these amounts might easily fluctuate depending on. Within a week i can how much money each story will make. Below are some estimations of these earnings over the last 12 months:

In the end, it’s a nice little extra cash. How to be successful on medium medium has a lot of potential for writers, but it does take some education to get familiar with the platform’s features and take advantage of its vast readership. For unlimited stories, readers can upgrade to membership for $5/month.

However, if you have a strategy in place and understand that writing on medium requires patience & consistency & hard work, then for sure, you can earn. Gone were the days of waiting months for an email from editor. These bonus payments on medium are generally $100 flat from what most writers report who have received them.

I think most writers can set a realistic goal of making $20 to $50 per month if they consistently write great content.

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