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Sleep is incredibly important for your little pup as it aids healthy growth and contributes to the development of their central nervous system, brain, immune system and muscles. Your pup is still growing and will need around 18 hours of sleep a day.

9 week old puppy
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If you take the time to teach your furry friend some necessary manners, you will both be much happier.


How much should my puppy sleep at 9 weeks. How many hours a day does a puppy sleep? I never set an alarm for the night potty breaks, but the puppy was in my bedroom in a crate. When do puppies sleep through the night?

The next few weeks are also critical when it comes to training. They can run, play and stop with better accuracy. Keep up the pawsome work on potty training!

Read on to find out what your 9 to 10 week old puppy needs to know. There is really no set age or time frame for a puppy to become reliably housetrained. My puppy turns 5 months old tomorrow, and as you can see i don't remember exactly when she slept through the night.

Large and giant breed puppies grow and mature much more slowly than small or toy breeds, which means that the ages at which puppies of different breeds/sizes go through each stage of development can vary a bit. Your pup’s mind is developing quickly, so be prepared to introduce them to basic commands and the house rules. Gradually, your puppy will build bladder control and should be able to sleep through the night without needing to go to the bathroom as frequently.

It’s important for their sleeping to be as undisturbed as possible, so they can refill the energy they need to keep growing. This may be a couple of weeks, or a few months, after you bring your puppy home. 6 weeks is the time for your puppy’s first vaccination.

I just waited until she cried to wake up. 10pm last pee and into the crate. If your puppy is wreaking havoc in your home, redirect this energy toward appropriate balls and toys.

You should keep this in mind when planning their training and socializing. What can i expect from my puppy’s first vet exam? For a large part of your puppy’s life;

Load up your pup and head over to the vet for the next round of vaccinations. When they wake up, the first they usually need to do is go to the toilet which means you have to be prepared for this. Your puppy's vaccines should have already begun at approximately 8 weeks of age, so they should be being boostered at 12 and 16 weeks.

A good rule of thumb is that puppies can usually hold their urine for their age in months plus one, converted to hours. You may see bouts of “spurts of energy and play” when your puppy runs around like crazy. Some puppies are starting to sleep through the night at 9 weeks, at least from midnight to around 6am, which i do appreciate is still night time to some of you.

At 12 weeks, your pup should get the dhpp vaccine. To do this, we give her lots of opportunities to go in the backyard, and not need to hold her bladder for too long. They will only be awake for between four to six hours a day.

Never forget, good habits are just as hard to break as bad habits! Your 12 week old puppy might be able to last up to 3 hours between pees now, but we want to set her up to win. Making sure your puppy receives all of the appropriate boosters is important, since their mother’s antibodies are still present at this age and can impede the vaccine’s ability to stimulate the proper immune.

Once the puppy becomes reliable when you are diligently supervising, you can start relaxing your supervision for a few minutes at a time. From 8 weeks puppies ‘usually, leave their mother and. However, some pups are not quite there yet.

During the first week, puppies characteristically learn good or bad habits that set the precedent for weeks, months, and sometimes years to come. How long do puppies sleep?

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