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In most cases, adult succulents do not need to be watered every day. In summer, season temperature is high.

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For example, it’s common knowledge that you want to increase the frequency of watering during the summer.


How much to water succulents in summer. For succulent leaf and seed propagation, they need to be watered. Be careful not to dump scalding hot water on your plants! With that said, a typical indoor succulent can go around 10 to 14 days between watering.

Generally, cactus should be watered after a week or two, depending on the species. The low effort required to keep them can be confusing, however, especially when it comes to. But in summer, pay attention to when you water and how.

About once a week should do it. For indoor succulents, the general rule is that water them if the soil is dry. As you can see, there are many factors that affect how much water your succulent needs.

Water dries up quicker, and so do your plants! The chubby leaves of succulents store a lot of water, which means they need watering less frequently than other greens even during summer. This might sound like a lot, but succulents need to have less water in the summer because it’s hotter and the sunlight is more intense.

The best thing you can do for your plant makes sure that they’re not sitting directly on the ground or in full sun all day long. But how long will the soil dry? In this case, the water moisture in the soil evaporates.

Make sure to keep an eye on the soil, as outdoor plants may need more water, more often. On the contrary, sedums, an extremely popular succulent and winter grower, will need a lot more water during chillier months, and. This encourages roots to grow downward as they should.

Too much moisture is also damaging to houseplants, so it’d less risky to miss out on the watering schedule rather than leaving the soil too drenched. Watering about once a week in summer and once a month in winter should do it. You can use a gauge to.

For outdoor succulents, it really depends on the conditions in your area. During the summer, you’ll probably only need to water once every few weeks. How to water succulents in summer.

How often we water for succulent. It depends on the moisture inside the house and the outside temperature. In fact, if you do, you’ll end up doing more harm than good.

You should still only water succulents when the soil is dry. Hardy plants need water frequently. Outdoor succulents need to be watered more often because the water will evaporate faster due to air flow.

How do we adjust the “every 10 days” rule? This is usually how long it takes for the soil in my growing zone (zone 9b) to dry out. Well, the latter is true but to some extent;

But during summer, the soil gets dried a lot faster. How do climates or seasons affect watering interval for succulents? When watering succulent plants, water thoroughly so that it comes out of the drainage holes.

How much water do succulents need? During summer, the air temperature is typically high. Garden hoses and watering cans can become very hot in the middle of the day.

Water thoroughly to soak the roots and flush salts. However, you cannot water cactus on schedule. In summary of how often should you water succulents and cacti:

Water more during hot, dry spells and less or not at all during periods of high humidity, cool temperatures and rain. After all, it’s much hotter. The main things to remember are:

Water thoroughly to soak the roots and flush salts. Succulents that produce flowers during spring or summer seem to thirst for more water in contrast to those in the cacti family. So there you have it, that is how often you should water succulents.

How to water succulents in seasons. Water about once every 1 to 2 weeks in the summer and once every 3 to 4 weeks in the winter On the contrary, the plant should be observed keenly to determine how often to water cactus.

However, if your succulents are in very hot and dry areas, they may need to be watered once every two days. In rainy seasons, the potting soil usually remains moist up to two weeks without water. If it’s rainy or extremely humid, you likely won’t have to worry about watering the plant;

If the garden pours, water enough, once in a week. For summer growers like echeveria, they prefer a lot more water during the hotter months and very scarce amounts during winter. Water these plants infrequently, and water them at night, as succulents take in water during nighttime hours and their respiration happens at this time.

Some people believe that no need to pour water for succulents often. Take extra care when you water your succulents in summer. If growing succulents directly in the ground, water until you feel that the soil is sufficiently moist.

Generally speaking, i wait about a week between waterings. When watering outdoor succulents kept in pots or grown in the ground, be sure to give them a good soaking each time you water them. During the fall season, the amount of water the succulents need may be lesser compared to summer.

Succulents in the ground will have developed much more robust root systems compared to their potted cousins so will be able to retain nutrients and moisture throughout the dormant season.

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