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If you cut along the line, the vent will just fall out since you won't have anything to screw it to. Of installing soffit at the fascia board.

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But the worse problem is holding up the saw upside down and trying to make the cut looking up.

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How to install soffit vent strips. Correspondingly, how do you vent a soffit? In short because the pvc is a hollow structure and not supported between the fixing noggins, trying to cut a clean circular hole will be to say. Trace gently around the vent, marking the screw holes.

The soffits are clad in 1/4″ plywood. Go into the attic and find the continuous soffit vent. Use jig saw to make cuts inside scribe.

I do not think that this is a good idea? Round soffit vents are easy to install, much easier than rectangular vents or soffit. Cut and remove the area.

Need a space helmet that is completely sealed to be able to breathe during the cut. If the existing soffit is rotted or damaged, remove it completely before installing soffit, then use the instructions for open eaves. Install vent using self tapping screws.

Installing soffit measure from the wall to the fascia board. Soffit vents are used in conjunction with roof, ridge, or gable vents—or even attic fans. This will leave you with adequate spacing to install.

Not such a good plan. Then subtract 1/2 to allow for expansion. Position the strip vent into the opening on the soffit and fit it firmly.

Install nailing strips (as shown in figure 4) and install the receiving channels on the nailing strips. A receiving channel must be This video shows a demonstration of installing soffit vents on your house.

Take a chalk line and run a line 2 inches from the edge of the soffit and another 4 inches from the first 2 inches of chalk line. Pvc will not be easy to use a circular hole cutter in to, the pvc will buckle deform and possibly splinter? Also, how do you install soffit vent strips?

You don't want to cut out this line though, more like 1/4 inside the line. Drill some holes in wood soffit. 1 x 1 1/2 x 4' cross section gives you maximum soffit/eave ventilation in a minimum space.

Mark an “x” between the studdings where you wish the strips to start and stop. In order to install circular soffit vent strips, determine in advance where you will be locating them along the soffits. If it isn’t safe, then try adding another screw or ensuring that the screws went through the ceiling material.

If not, then place the screws about a foot away from each other. Mark the rafter and cutting locations. Make sure that the vent is secured before moving on to the next step.

Use vent itself as template for where to cut. If the soffit will turn a corner, cut and install the channel so there is 1/4 for expansion at each of the adjoining walls. Measure the dimensions of the soffit to determine the needed strip vents.

The purpose of soffit vents are to help with the ventilation in your attic which. Before proceeding, wear safety goggles and protective gloves. Drill holes into the soffit.

The soffit vents provide intake and the others provide exhaust.

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