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Try midnight blue, smoky black or plum tones. Apply navy or indigo eyeliner to your upper and/or lower eyelids to brighten your eyes.

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Before using honey to make your eyes lighter, you should make sure that the honey you are using is pure and organic.


How to make your eyes lighter blue. Always line the water line of your lower lashes this area is often red or pink and by lining with a light color, you will make your eye brighter. It is its bleaching ability that makes some people who want to change eye color to speculate using honey eye drops to lighten dark brown eyes and make them lighter. Ascorbic acid, or vitamin c, fade the dark circles of the lower eyelids and make your eyes look lighter [2].

Highlighting blue eyes can be really fun, and several options from anesthesia work beautifully on nearly all natural shades. This leads to the appearance of a. Store in a cool dark place away from sunlight.

Besides eating fruits, you can choose to take some capsules of multivitamins as a diet supplement or drink juice instead. When your purple expands it shrinks your iris, consequentially condensing the pigment in that area and making your eye color appear darker. Wear clothing that accents your eye shadow or lipstick color (when using bold colors) to help your eyes stand out.

Any dark shadow will make your eyes look lighter. Changing your eye color with honey might not give significant results since some of the claims online showing that it works are not supported by any results or photos that prove it. Applying colorful eye shadow is the best way to make your eyes lighter.

Intake of vital nutrients such as vitamin c also has the added effect of preventing our eyes from discoloration. For us, this again, comes down to the shade of blue your eyes is. How to lighten eye color with diet?

If you have brown eyes, you can make them look brighter using eyeshadows with cool colors such as purple and blue. This will give your eyes a wider appearance, and let the blue hue become more apparent. Be excited about all you do.

Put it into your dropper. With regards to eyeliner,we suggest using black and lining both the lid and the bottom of the eye. If you have small, dark blue eyes, we’d recommend what others say, and just wear it on the top lash line.

Including fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet makes your eyes go extremely bright. Wear blue clothing that complements your eyes, such as wearing shades darker or lighter than your eye color. You can naturally constrict your pupil and lighten your iris by often facing light during conversation.

My eyes as a child were quite dark brown, there was almost no difference between my iris and pupils. Like black eyeliner, the dark color contrasts with your eyes, but the blue brings out the. Since orange is the opposite of blue, the best way to bring out the brighter, lighter hues in your eyes is to go for colors in the “orange” family.

When your pupil shrinks the pigment in your iris is stretched thin and the color appears lighter. The most natural way to enhance the blueness of blue eyes is a good and optimistic attitude in life. I am in my mid teenage years now and my eyes have changed to a light honey color, it looks fine and it really isn’t that noticeable to people that have known be for a.

Since actual tangerine to orange hues are probably a bit too garish for your everyday look, cosmetics in shades of terra cotta, peach, apricot, and bronze are ideal. A smoked or blurred line effect will help to soften your eyes and make them appear lighter in color. Test various colors of clothing and accessories in a mirror to see which brings out your own eye color the most.

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