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If it doesn’t greet you when opening the app, you can search for “spotify:special:2021” from the search tab. This will bring you to the wrapped 2021 landing page.

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With the app installed, head on over to spotify’s wrapped 2020 website using a browser on your phone or tablet such as google chrome.


How to see your spotify wrapped. Simply open the spotify app on your iphone, and you should see a banner to view your ‘2021 wrapped.’ alternatively, look for the “wrapped 2021” card from the search tab in spotify. Your top artists, top genres, most listened to songs, podcasts and minutes listened. The playlist can also be viewed by simply searching 'wrapped' in the search bar.

If you want to see your personal spotify wrapped you'll. It should appear on your. To check your customised playlist, here are the steps you need to follow.

On a desktop, you can go to and click start to view the overall roundup. Spotify's 2021 wrapped categories include: To do this, simply open up the spotify app and select home from the bottom toolbar.

You can also see your audio aura based on your listening habits, and the feature even reveals the three songs that will soundtrack specific moments in a movie about your life. You can only view your wrapped 2021 results using the spotify app for iphone, ipad, and android. Open the spotify app and tap the your wrapped is here box.

You can view it on your computer desktop or on an app. The first step to seeing your spotify wrapped is to go to the website and log in with your user info, which will allow you to see the full wrapped slideshow. How can i see my spotify wrapped?

Open the application on your smartphone and touch the search option (magnifying glass icon) on the bottom bar of the interface. In order to see your spotify wrapped 2021, you need to head to the spotify home screen. As spotify noted, “eligible users can access their personalized wrapped experience exclusively in the spotify mobile app on ios and android.

There you will see a card with the hashtag #spotifywrapped that says “your 2021 wrapped is here”. Tap on the ‘see how you listened in 2021’ card to view your 2021 wrap. Click on this card to start playing through the.

If you're curious, check to see if you received a notification email from the streaming service or simply type spotify wrapped into google and click on the link, which could bring you to your results. There, you'll see a playlist called your top songs 2021 (or whatever the year is). Find your spotify wrapped here spotify's audio aura:

You can only view your wrapped 2020 results using the spotify app for iphone, ipad, and android. During the period when spotify wrapped releases, which is usually december 1, you should see the spotify wrapped section on your homepage when you open the app. In the sequence, scroll down the page until you find the your 2021 wrapped option.

How to view your spotify 2021 wrapped? You can find your spotify wrapped by going to the website spotify has created to showcase your very own slideshow. This playlist will feature all of your most played songs of that year, regardless of whether the song.

Did you know you can view all of your previous spotify wrapped roundups as far back as 2016? Tap on the 'your 2021 wrapped' banner that pops on the screen to access the playlist. You need to have streamed at least 30 songs for 30 seconds and have listened to at least 5.

Wrapped 2021 is 13 parts long, and includes your top songs, top. Tap “see how you listened in 2021” to get started. Simply use the links below.

It is very simple to access your 2021 spotify wrapped. If you head to the spotify wrapped website it says “2021 wrapped is ready” and tells people to head to their spotify app to see it. You can access this website on any device, as long as you log into the spotify account you wish to.

How to look at your spotify wrapped 2021. When all else fails, try signing out and. If you don’t see it, you probably did not use spotify enough to generate the data needed for wrapped.

Once spotify wrapped 2021 is released, you should be able to see it when opening the app. Your wrapped story will open. How to see your spotify wrapped 2021.

Head over to the spotify app, since this feature is exclusively on mobile (though you can search your top songs playlist on desktop, and go to ). From there, tap the “log in to see your 2020 wrapped” link. How to see your spotify wrapped.

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