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Make sure that the layer mask is selected in the layers panel. If you want to train your graphic design sk.

Create A Digital Feather By Thy-darkest-hour Feather Tutorial Digital

This 3rd method is a local method, so you can paint away your edges where you want.


How to smooth edges in photoshop 7. A long name for a simple but powerful tool in select and mask, this brush makes child’s play of hair, fur, and anything fuzzy. In this screenshot those are halfway, but you probably want to turn them to the maximum. How to use the refine edge tool in photoshop step 1:

If you need images to play with, check out our free photos. Select the brush tool in the toolbar. Add a duplicate layer step 2:

You can find more photoshop tutorials at If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. First, we want to eliminate the jagged effect.

Output the selection step 7: Because only the edge pixels change, no detail is lost. Simply click and drag to smudge and paint a fuzzy edge, recreating the softness of the butterfly, without all the ugly white pixels.

Apply a texture or an effect to make your shape the way you want it. Feathering is also called blurred edges. In our example, it is the bottom edge we want to fade.

This is a good option when hair is part of the selection. Find the little tools window in the upper left of the window. This video will teach you how to make smoother edges of any object.

A quick and easy way to smooth blurry or jagged edges in adobe photoshop. To do so, move the smooth slider to a value between 3 and 6. Method 3 (selectively clean the edge in photoshop) the other methods are global, meaning all the edge is adjusted at once.

To really get a smooth refined edge in some hairy situations, use the refine edge brush tool. Open & use refine edge tool step 4: To smooth the edge, move the slider in the global refinements area.

When we want to isolate a particular part of an image, we need feathering. First, we want to eliminate the jagged effect. Usually, we use feathering for various purposes.

Go back to the image. So we will draw the line in a downward direction. Final shape now you can do whatever you want with your shape.

The second tool down is the refine edge brush. If you do this around all of the edges that need to be fuzzy and soft, you’ll get a very convincing cutout of the object that will look good on. Zoom in the photo to get a better view of your rough edge.

You already mark the critical or rough edges. We also need this great feature to make an artistic portrait or highlight a specific area. This tool will magically smooth any flyaway hair, fur, or fix fuzzy hair edges.

The feather option in photoshop gives us a great advantage for the softening image’s edge. Open the brush picker in the options bar and drag the hardness slider to the left to soften the edge of the brush. With the layer mask selected paint on the edges and you will see the fringe disappear and a nice smooth edge as you paint.

Goto select > refine edge. Draw a short line from near the edge that you want to fade. I show you a very simple way of smoothing edges in photoshop.this is suggested to use used with vectors.

Save the image in.psd or.tiff format to retain the layers and layer masks. Take no feathering, but high smoothing and contrast. Tutorial on smoothing technique in photoshop.

Add a new background below are a set of detailed steps that will help you better understand how to use this tool in photoshop to make a better selection of. From the left toolbar, click on brush & select the 2nd refine edge brush. Select a view mode step 5:

With the layer mask still active, paint with black, white, or gray to refine the mask. Sometimes, you may need to paint over the edge 2x if you aren’t getting the desired result in the first pass. Videos you watch may be added to the tv's watch history.

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