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You can take in the waistband at the side seams by pinching and pinning just as you did on the pant leg (watch out for rivets and any belt hoops.) if you see that you might have to sew over your belt loop, it is best to rip it out with a seam ripper first. For this video, i decided to recreate my video on how to take in the waist of your jeans!

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This technique does not work for pants that are multiple sizes too big for you.


How to take in jeans waist by hand. Once washed and dried they would appear to shrink back only to expand again the next time they were worn. Put on your jeans and pin the center back seam so that your center topstitching falls to one side. On the other hand, styles with a high waist and wider hems will deliver the opposite result.

Then, i stitch the waist back together at the line where the pins used to be (picture 8). To taper jeans, start by putting on your jeans inside out and pinching around the calf or ankle area where you want the jeans to become more narrow. Mark it with your dressmaker’s chalk.

I did find that the second method works better with some pants and especially if you are taking the pants in quite a bit. There are other temporary tricks to use on a waist band. Jeans sometimes fit at the hips, but then they gap at the waistline.

This sewing trick to take in jean waist gap that most of us ladies have at the waistline. This isn’t about taking larger clothing and making it fit you, but it is about taking a pair of pants that almost fits except for the waist. You can sew it back in over the new seam if you like.

I am being careful to transfer them even, so the jeans are joined exactly at the middle (picture 7). How to take in jeans at the waist i love that in the first video you can do it by hand, with no machine! Most people simply wear a belt or tuck in their shirt as a solution to the problem, but you know when you wear a skinny tee and bent down, the belt tighten your belly and the gap is still.

A trouser jean with broad waistband and snug rear fit will help women that are smaller above the waist and fuller through their bottom, hips, and thighs as it will make the legs look longer and create a continuous line from their waist down. This video explores yet another method of taking in your jeans waist tailor your oversize jeans may have already seen this video a while back. I transfer the marks for the stitching line on all of the four pieces that the waist consists of.

Add a rubber band to the button and gain an inch or two around the waist. Measure how much you would like to take in. Continue to pinch out the excess fabric down the center back seam until there’s no more excess left to pin.

Turn your pants inside out, and try on your pants. Have someone pin them where they feel just right. So my savings on these 4 $5.00 pair of jeans wound up being a wasted $20.00 because they were all used as back up jeans when nothing else was clean.

Repeat for the other side of. I do this on both inner and outer piece of the waistband. These fit well everywhere except sat too low on my hips.

Next, use a fabric marker or chalk to mark lines on the area you want to take in, take. Your cut should be big enough to thread through a shoe lace. Pinch the center back of the waist to pinch in excess.

I came across a site yesterday, (click on the photo with the crazy girl) and thought. The waist was just a tad too big so i took the waist in, and now the pants fit perfectly. This super easy and quick trick will seriously have all those jean.

Jeans that fit everywhere except for the waistband; How to take in the waist of jeans with elastic supplies.

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