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Release more cable and keep on cranking until there are no more blockages. This takes work, so don’t expect to quit at this point.

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Then, pull up the snake and throw it away (yup, drains can be pretty nasty).


How to use a drain snake. You can go through the below steps to understand how to use a drain snake: How to use a drain snake. The trap arm is the part of the pipe between the p.

A plumber’s snake, also known as a drain snake or a drain auger, is a tool used to clear clogs from pipes by reaching down into them. You’ll feel the auger making its way down the drain. To use a drain snake to clear a clog in a sink drain pipe, follow these steps:

Get access to the drain by removing the overflow assembly or stopper. Keep pushing the drain snake when it seems to go down in the drainpipe and wait till you feel the drain is resisting the clog. A drain snake is effective in unclogging sink, shower/tub and washing machine drains but not so much toilets.

Put the pipes back in place and hand tightens the nuts. Depending on what kind of drain snake you purchase, the directions may be different. Drain snakes are primarily used for clogs in tubs, showers, kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks, and washing machines.

Use stern force and push the snake into the opening of the drain. How to use a drain snake. Without losing your clutch on the snake, start turning the handle.

How to use a drain snake. Using the overflow dent would make sure that the cable is not inserted into the air vent. Wiggle it back and forth and ease it in.

Ask this old house plumbing and heating expert richard trethewey shows how to clear a stopped bathtub or shower drain.subscribe to this old house: This may take a few minutes. Snakes fill the gap between household plungers and the really big guns, such as rooters, in the pest control industry.

Firstly, push the snake’s end into the drain’s opening and then turn the handle so that the auger can make its way deep into your drain. Once you’ve positioned the snake and have a good grip, start pushing. Be sure to wear clothes you don’t care about and cover your work surface.

Augers are simple tools that are intended to be used for boring into something. Don't use excessive force to get it in, or you could damage the device and the drain. A diy snake or auger can help with minor sink, tub, toilet bowl, and shower clogs.

Most drain snakes have a 25 or 50 foot cable with a corkscrew tip for capturing any debris and obstructions. Once these are removed, insert the drain snake into the pipe leading into the wall and auger. Insert your drain snake slowly insert the auger into the drain.

Finish off what's left of the blockage by pouring the. If you are using the drain snake for unclogging your tub drain, feed the snake through the overflow drain that is found a little above the drain on the floor of the tub. In order to properly use a snake to unclog a drain in your home, follow these simple steps:

However, generally speaking, drain snakes follow a specific pattern for use. This component can become damaged when using a plumber’s snake, so. Lock the cable and start cranking the handle until you go past it.

To unclog a toilet you need to use a special tool called a toilet auger.

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