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To open a fireplace damper, raise it to the highest level. • chain for a throat damper.

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Let the fire burn for a few minutes then adjust the damper so that it is partially closed (about half way) to see how it affects the fire.


How to use a fireplace damper. Dampers are like a door. When the fireplace is not in use, the damper should be turned in the shut or closed position to prevent the cold air from entering into the room or the home. Damper controls are usually located near the top of the firebox.

Move the lever to open or close the damper. For a traditional throat damper, it’s usually operated via a handle with latches to be able to leave the damper partially open, or via a screw handle system that opens or closes the damper depending on which way it’s turned. How do you adjust a fireplace damper?

Another tip on effective use of a fireplace damper involves the end stages of a fire. To close a fireplace damper, lower it until it fits snugly in the frame. When working a fireplace damper, be sure to use pliers or an oven mitt in case the metal is hot.

When lighting a fire, move the damper into its fully open position. But other times, when your fireplace is closed make sure your damper is closed too. The tip of your fireplace damper opens and closes a poker damper.

You lift the handle, push open the damper, and prop the damper open by setting the handle into a groove. Another tip on effective use of a fireplace damper involves the end stages of a fire. When you aren’t using your fireplace, it prevents drafts and keeps heated/cooled air inside your house from escaping up the chimney.

The damper is one of the most important components on your fireplace. Pull the chain for the motion you’re looking for to operate the damper. The poker tip is placed into the control slot, and a rapid upward push opens the damper.

It is the vent at the top of the firebox that opens to allow oxygen from outside to feed the fire and smoke to vent outside. Keep the damper open until all open flames are gone. Locate the damper and remove it from the chimney.

A pivot damper operates on a long, jointed handle. Make sure the damper is working properly with tips from a li. It keeps the airflow and scrapes away from entering the house.

What does a damper do on a fireplace? Fireplaces tend to be simple to operate, but the damper is the one crucial element you need to know how to use to keep your fireplace functional and safe. So you must keep the damper open before using the fireplace.

Test out the damper when the fireplace is not in use to get a feel for how it works. There are usually two chains; How to use the fireplace damper to control the fire.

If your fireplace has a knob, you'll twist the knob to open the damper. Open the doors completely to your fireplace. It is the vent at the top of the firebox that opens to allow oxygen from outside to feed the fire and smoke to vent outside.

When there are coals and embers still in the fireplace, close the damper to stop heat from escaping through the chimney. Open the fireplace damper all the way when starting a fire. Keep a close eye on the fire as it continues to burn.

After the fire begins to burn, partially close the damper to keep the warm air. A fireplace damper, usually located at the very bottom of the chimney, will keep the warm air in the room from escaping from the home. To use a fireplace damper, use the control knob to open the airway while starting the fire.

This type lets you adjust how far open the damper is. You can also turn a screw or knob but you should not rely on this as other parts of the system may break first. A fireplace damper handle, also known as a knob, is the piece of the damper that is used to control the opening and closing of the damper.

Take your old damper with you to a chimney supply store. One for opening the damper and one for closing the damper. To use a fireplace damper, use the control knob to open the airway while starting the fire.

It passes the gas out of the fireplace when the fire is on.

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