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Will these steps work with a spectra s1, s2, or s9? Hygiene • the pump kits that come with this pump are for single use only and are not intended for multiple users.

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How to use spectra s2 pump. Power pumping with your spectra. The best way to use a spectra pump: Carefully read all the instructions prior to using the spectra s2.

I don't know if i am using my pump as effectively as i can with the. The spectra s1 is a popular breast pump among many mothers. The spectra s1 plus / s2 plus is intended for a single user.

This puts the pump in expression mode to encourage letdown and get milk flowing. The two squiggly lines will appear on the led screen. If you are in the mark.

Use a hospital strength electric breast pump (spectra s1/s2/s3 or s9+ are all hospital strength) to double pump. To use the spectra pump, there are two buttons for the settings. The pump tubing is interchangeable for an s1, s2, and s9.

To learn more about the range of products and services available, visit us at When milk starts dribbling or flowing start step 2! Yes, these steps will work for all three pumps:

However, the price of the spectra s1 is higher than the spectra s2. Power pumping is another great way to use your spectra to increase milk supply if you are experiencing lower than normal production. Put that on 54 cycle, 5 or 6 vacuum.

How to use the spectra s2. Follow the safety guidelines below when using your pump. You want to start pumping with the let down mode which is cycle 70.

I don't know if i am using my. One button is the cycle button and the other is the vacuum level button. The cycle button is how fast the pump will suck.

Spectra s2 is also very high in quality. Indications for use the spectra s1 plus / s2 plus is a powered, breast pump to be used by lactating women to express and collect milk from their breasts. Put that on 54 cycle, 5 or 6 vacuum.

Components and assembly before using the breast pump for the first time, sanitize the breast shield in boiling water for 5 minutes. To single pump, place the port cap on the port not being used. Turn on your pump to get started.

Then, attach one end of the tubing to the backflow protector and the other to the pump. This will allow you to plug the second piece of the tubing into the pump. Spectra pumps come with a number of settings to make pumping comfortable and easy for moms.

When you start pumping with the s2, press the button with the two squiggly lines. Spectra s2 breast pump weighs 2.0 lbs. It's a closed system, rechargeable, and has helpful extras like a nightli.

The spectra s2 plus soft pink electric breast pump is designed to bring confidence and comfort to every moment of the breastfeeding journey. Be sure to assemble all of the pieces of the pumping set, so you have two complete sets of pump parts. Once milk starts flowing, press the button again to put the pump into normal mode.

Spectra s1 and spectra s2 settings. Adapter for spectra s1 s2 pumps to use medela tshield best bottles for spectra t pumps the gl baby bottle maymom pump parts spectra s2 s1 24 mm valve bottle backflow protector not original accessories replace duckbill 24mm in However, the price of the spectra s1 is higher than the spectra s2.

A spectra s1, spectra s2, and spectra s9. On the front of the pump, you’ll see the following buttons and controls, along with a digital screen: These four simple tricks will help you to maximize your output while pumping!

Medela pump in style also has capabilities as a single or double electric breast pump. In order to double pump with a spectra s1 or s2 pump, look for the small white cap where the tubing plugs into the pump. Learn how to set up the spectra s2, whether or not you are an exclusive pumper or breastfeeding, learn how the spectra s1 and s2 work.

Failure to follow the below guidelines may result in damage to the machine and/or serious injury to yourself. Videos and playlist brought to you by mom and baby shop. If you’re pumping at night, make sure to turn on the handy night light located on the right of the panel beside the vacuum level control.

Medela pump in style weighs 7 lbs. How do you use the spectra s1 and s2? To double pump, use both tubes and ports on the pump.

Please leave any questions about instructions or spectra s2 setup you may have!🍼qualify for a fre. Let this trigger a let down for two to three minutes. Follow these steps to get you started:

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