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Definitely do not get into dominance power struggles with the puppy. However, if your dog is growling because you are picking them up when they are sleeping, it’s best to avoid picking them up when they are sleeping at all.

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Use a leash to lead him.


Puppy growls when picked up sleeping. E.g he growls when he's being lifted off the ground. When she is tired, she growls if we attempt to pick her up or move her, or even if we touch her in some cases. One day it could really do some damage.

She's not showing her teeth she's just growling but it is getting worse. You can use a slip lead (or just make a slip from the handle of your leash) gently lead him away to bed and toss a treat in his kennel as he goes in for bedtime. It could be that your dog has traumatic or negative experiences that they now associate with being picked up.

Approach the situation empathetically, and ask yourself if it's important to pick up the dog now, or if it can wait. Rather than pick him up, which he may find fairly unpleasant. In fact, if you use a loud, stern or harsh voice with her, or act in that way, she may misinterpret it as an aggressive behavior.

Don't move through the steps too quickly, you might need to reward each step through multiple sessions. This can cause her to 'push back' as it were. If your dog has long hair, you may want to check for any mats in the area or signs of local irritation.

This signifies that they are claiming the territory. If she needs to go up to bed (for example ) we make sure we wake her gently before picking her up but she still really growls. It's important to allow dogs their own time to enjoy their space or relax, although you have to balance that with ensuring they're submissive to your touch.

Dogs subjected to abuse in the past often growl as a defense mechanism out of fear. Please note, yelling and punishing your puppy for growling won’t fix the problem. It’s not a playful growl;

It could be rover hurt his front legs somehow, or he has some pain somewhere that causes him to be a bit grumpy when being touched certain ways. When a pup growls at you for picking him/her up it is usually because they have not been handled by humans much, they are in pain, they are unsure of what you are doing and feel fearful. Instead, it can make matters even worse and your puppy can end up being afraid of you.

While the owner perceives the growl as the dog wanting to remain on the couch and not giving up his throne, rover is often not growling because of an intent to stay on the couch, but as a way to stop the owner from acting intimidating. Some dogs will growl when in pain and some will even try to snap. These include pain or another health issue, a lack of handling, negative experience and/or a negative consequence.

Give the pup a gentle massage and lots of treats to make it positive and repetition helps so it becomes part of his/her day. Also, dogs need about 14 hours of sleep per day in order to thrive and have. For example, if your puppy growls only while playing, you can curb this behavior by stopping the play session and giving your pup a few minutes to calm down.

I do talk to him before i move him, and if i wake him up first and move him a little then he will be fine and let me move him. If your dog has always been fine being picked up, but now suddenly he seems to resent it and growls, it may be you are dealing with an underlying health problem. Instead, try to lightly wake your dog up before proceeding with picking up your puppy.

We have a 16 week old puppy who growls ferociously when you try to pick her up. However if i just grab while he is sleeping he will growl. I'm glad schleide remarked about the dog park.

Always use a calm, but firm voice and keep it low. Many dogs will easily shake it off when woken suddenly. If your dog is growling while sleeping, do not disturb her.

Anouther good way to stop the bitting is completely ignore the behavior.put the puppy down and walk away or put her in her crate for at least 30 seconds.what this teaches is that bitting gets her left alone and not many pups like to be alone.i would also use the sit before you get method.this can be used in pups of all ages.this behavior has got to be stoped at a young age or it will only. Understand when your puppy growls because it wants to be left alone. Finally, some dogs will growl when they are picked up because other dogs are around.

Indeed, as soon as the owner leaves, the dog feels relief. Or, they may not like the idea of their stomach being exposed to the other dogs when you lift them up. Most of us want to move our dogs when they fall asleep on the couch, floor, or our bed instead of their personal space.

You're passively asserting leadership here. If dog starts to settle, go get a drink of water. Some pups are okay with this, but some will also try to resist and growl.

She is in a deep state or sleep called rem (rapid eye movement), and waking her up may be worse than letting her have a bad dream. For example, if your puppy growls when you touch her food, your job is to avoid touching her food bowl. Dogs may growl to let you know that there is something wrong.

This reaction, known as sleep startle reflex in dogs, can be pretty scary, especially if there are kids, older folks, or people with learning disabilities in the house. Keep your body language confident but not threatening for best results. “let sleeping dogs lie” is never more true than if you have a dog that reacts aggressively when startled during sleep.

Remain calm and nonconfrontational, so need to really interact with the dog, just be sure you are moving about frequently. They may have been enjoying playing with those other dogs and don’t want to leave the experience. The growling and nipping is telling you your dog doesn't enjoy this.

Another reason your dog could be growling when you try to pick them up is because of anxiety or fear. It may cause her to growl or snap at you, which can be very dangerous. Your dog may be sore from a recent vaccination or have muscle pain, stomach pain or some sort of back or disc problem.

There are four main reasons why your puppy or dog may growl when being picked up. If your puppy keeps practicing these unwanted behaviors, it’s just going to get harder to go in and “fix” them. Your dog is most likely fearful, (tail tucked) and being reactive.

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