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It mimics the same style the yorkie had as a puppy. Lastly, the yorkie puppy cut makes it easier to see and remove unwanted critters, like ticks and fleas, that lurk on your yorkie’s skin.

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This is a popular cut for poodle owners because of the way it looks.


Yorkie puppy cut face. Browse 196 yorkie puppy cuts stock photos and images available, or start a new search to explore more stock photos and images. The “puppy cut” is a popular yorkie poo style that consists of a short cut all over (approximately 1/2 inch), with the hair on the face and head being somewhat longer (around 1 inch). The yorkie puppy’s hair is going to grow slower than the adult and sometimes you may be able to put the hair cut off a little bit longer without it affecting your dog that much.

With a short coat, applications of flea and tick treatments should be easier as well. Though, there are numerous grooming tips for your yorkie, but paying more attention to yorkie’s face is required because it is the most important part of entire grooming session. Basically, the puppy cut is trimming the entire yorkie’s hair to an even length.

Many people use gel to keep them in place. The puppy cut is one of the easiest looks you can achieve yourself. This cut gives a slightly poofy, very cuddly, floof appearance that will result in a considerable loss of time because you won’t be able to resist picking up your dog for a squeeze every time they walk by.

It was established as a platform where you can reach everything you look for about yorkies. Usually, if the groomers are not given any special instructions they will do it about 1 inch to a little over than 1 inch and a half long. The hair on the body is kept on the shorter side while facial hair is slightly longer.

You don’t have to stick with predetermined named cuts, though. An advanced variant of the puppy cut, this means trimming your yorkie’s face into a square bob. Here’s another yorkie article you’ll also enjoy:

Even if your yorkie poo looks more poodle than yorkie, the puppy cut is a popular style. The squared puppy cut is an excellent cut for your yorkie during the summer months. It is easiest to trim your yorkie’s face when it is raised off of the floor.

Depending on how the hair grows, you may need to do a little trim ahead of time around the. The facial hairs are also kept longer to grow a beard to resemble a schnauzer look. Your dog's fur will be about one inch long all over, with the topknot and cap left at about an inch and a half long.

The kennel cut is another popular option. The puppy cut simply leaves your dog with an even coat all over and is particularly adorable. In this style, the back of the yorkie’s hair is trimmed short, whereas the legs’ hair is left longer.

The chest area is a bit longer, creating a “bib” of fur. The teddy bear or puppy cut is, again, a highly requested cut. Yorkie buddies is a web page for yorkie owners.

Your yorkie is unique, with her own personality and favorite things to do. This cut helps show off his adorable face, button nose, and big brown eyes. As the name implies, this haircut gives your dog three distinct layers of hair.

The pet has long hair and if they are not cut properly, then it can face problems in enjoying a clear vision. In this cut, the hair all over the body is cut short, but the hair on the face is left longer, and then trimmed to the desired look. The ears, mustache, and feet are this length as well.

It’s also the best yorkie haircut if you spend a lot of time outside with your dog or just don’t have the time to maintain a longer coat. The most popular yorkie haircuts are: Owners are choosing this haircut because groomers may be costly, and you can maintain it at home.

The yorkie puppy cut is one of the most popular yorkie haircuts. This style will likely require a professional. This cut keeps the hair at just 1 to 2 inches all around making it the ideal short haircut for summer.

From health to entertainment, from maintenance to education, we offer content that you can look at in a wide range of yorkie’s world. No wonder the yorkie poo puppy cut is so popular! A poodle cut will usually involve shaving the tail (except for the tip).

Your little yorkie’s forehead hairs will be left one inch in length; Your yorkie puppy will most likely need their hair cut done for the first time when they are 4 months old. It’s simple and sweet, and doesn’t require much effort when it comes to maintenance.

While the hair on the face is given a proper trim to enact the shape of a square, the forehead hairs are kept at. The entire body is clipped and the hair is kept short. Image source 3 layer stock.

It should not be shaved completely but rather left a little longer depending on your own tastes and preferences. The hair on the body is cut shorter, and the hair on the face, ears are cut a little longer.

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